What do we do when we need a last-minute replacement show? A “Followups” episode created entirely from your suggestions and questions! In addition to new segments on Gaming, Stalin, Radiation, and Sports Injuries, we answer Soda Jerk questions, including early Caustic Soda history and the choosing of the name, plus “Fuck, Marry, Kill: The other hosts”!

Pedant note: This counts as “Followups XVII”!

Music: “Shhh…” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets




“Shhh…” Lyrics
I understand that you’re upset
and you have every right to be
It’s obvious to see
I was in the wrong
but I will make it up to you
I’m gonna make it right

If we can put this in the past
and never speak to anyone
about this gaucherie
I will swear to you
that it will not happen again
I’m gonna make it right tonight

No tears
No noise
No calls
No choice
No lock
No key
No third degree

No need to trouble the police
and I can take care of the mess
I know a little place
Let me handle this
Why don’t you go and see the kids?
I’m gonna make it right tonight

No tears
No noise
No calls
No choice
No lock
No key
No third degree
No flight
No flaws
No breaks
No pause
No clues
No trace
No hands
No face


No fuse
No prime
No plans
No time
No push
No shove
No god above

No black no white no source of light
No second chance no end in sight
No flesh no blood no bones no mess
No hate no love no sweet caress
Nothing to see no links no ties
No time for that no long goodbyes
No lies no thanks no secrets
No problem
No way

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Showing 7 comments
  • thickets

    Here’s the intro for Pandamonium! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1So6wFGpIo

  • claw

    I got your Dat Phan and the LCS reference, Kevin. I don’t know why that information stuck in my brain for years as opposed to anything, you know, important. He had a recurring role in the cartoon Danny Phantom.

  • Allan Newell

    Ow! Ow! Ow!

  • bred

    Nice job winging it guys. A-

  • Brenton

    Joe had one of the better comments ever on the pod. I can’t remember it exactly – here’s my best guess:

    “Would I rather have dead eyes in a lover or a long-term partner?”

  • Pat

    Funeral for a friend – Elton John! >__<

  • Derek

    Wouldn’t you guys have all flown in together on Kevin himself, the Huggasaurus?

    And you’ve gone up greatly in my estimation, Kevin, having played rugby AND been concussed in a game. That’s awesome! Excellent description of a ruck too – very clear, I thought. Btw, the ear tape is also for the second rowers (the guys who jam their heads between the hips of the first row of the scrum (the guys who thump into the opponent half of the scrum)), also to prevent them from having their ears torn off through rubbing.

    I can’t think of many sequences than your FMK segment either. Great work, all of you!