It Burns! It Burns! Caustic Updates

Caustic Updates featuring Chris Woods from Horsetrack Hooligans! It’s a grab bag of updates on past episodes, including body modification, art, plus a new Lesser of Two Evils!

Music: “Looking on the Bright Side of Life” by Al Bowlly



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(you have been warned)

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  1. Bobby Fisher was: “Born in 1943 in Chicago as a six-year-old.” [time = 1:01:53] I bet it was a rough delivery.

  2. I just want to comment on the very brief mention of Mortal Kombat that Toren made. They did make a Mortal Kombat chess game. It was in I think either Deadly Alliance or Deception I can’t remember which. You get to pick who your queen, king, etc were and you battled when each character were fighting over a space.

  3. I have an amazeballs chess story that was (and will continue to be) the best day of my entire life, but it would take up way too much comment space. (And is so much more fun to tell and hear in person, cuz I can get the voices and swaggering right.)

    But shorter and related comments: I was the first girl to letter in chess at my high school, and our team captain was also captain of the wrestling team. We had a lot of girls join up cuz he was SO CUTE (eyeroll), but none of them lasted more than two practices, because chess is super boring if you’re not actually into it. 😉 I was taught the Rook-King-vs-King endgame* during some of my first practices, and at my first match against another school, I found myself in that exact position, but on the other side… however, my opponent had apparently -not- been taught that, so I was able to fight to a Draw. This was such an apparently surprising development that both the teacher advisors were agog, having never seen that before. Yay me?

    I also learned how to play Risk at my first State tournament, because each match is like 3 hours long. If you’re not that great a player (moi), then you have 2.75hrs to kill til your next thrashing. I alsø alsø kicked my entire team’s ass, in the worst way possible. “Wait, so I do what now?” “OK, can I move these thingies here?” “Umm… hmm…. ok, I’m going put these guys here, and then.. oh, ok, so you’re out now.” “Ugh, I’m so bad at this, guys, I have no idea what I’m doing.” Ha! And I was 100% sincere, there was zero bitchiness about it. It’s like those newbie poker players who go on to win championships because the seasoned pros have no way of reading them.

    I also realized at State that while regular chess can be boring and hard, Double Bug Speed Chess** is crazy awesome and I’m -really- good at it. Two boards, only 10 seconds allowed per move? Yesssssss. The less you think, the better I am!

    **That’s what they called it, but there’s lots of names:

  4. Dear Caustic Soda staff,

    I love your content. I absolutely hate your new layout. It is difficult to navigate and not intuitive at all. Plus it takes too long to load and resembles an eighteen year old female’s tumblr account.

    That is all.

    A dedicated listened since episode one.

    1. I completely agree! As a web designer I totally get the change and I like to change the themes of my sites all the time. One thing that I always hate to admit is true is that “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

  5. Amazingly funny and gross episode, guys. An absolutely ripper! And just the best accents ever! Toren’s Aussie was almost indistinguishable from Paul Hogan, and I actually thought Kevin was the Swedish chef. 😉

    A point about the art student maybe or maybe not impregnating and aborting herself – if her responses to the media were all part of her performance, can we really say she was “lying”? Maybe Chris can handle that one.

    A minor request though – can you add this episode to the others on the “season-06” RSS feed, please? I use those season-based feeds to subscribe to in iTunes, and this episode didn’t make it this week. Thanks!

  6. 2 things… You guys are up for a podcasting award, you need to let us know these things so we can vote… I found out clicking a link in the Hardcore History forum… I picked you guys over Quirks and Quarks even 😀 also… Gary Kasparov has so many flavours of crazy, he is like the baskin robbins of craziness… I used to post to a message board that dealt with debunking ridiculous/alternative history and he is a proponent of New Chronology (Fomenko) and if you look that up on Wikipedia you will enjoy three scoops of crazy!
    Stay caustic!