Mr. Dr. Greg joins Joe, Toren, and Kevin to discuss the shell out of turtles. We’ve got a pop quiz, information about neck-folding, butt-based breathing, Vietnam’s great grandfather turtle, Discworld’s Great A’Tuin, Gamera and the turtles of Pokemon. Though recorded before his passing, this flamethrower against the darkness is lovingly dedicated to Sir Terry Pratchett.

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Music: “Take It Slow and Easy” by The Rhythmakers





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  1. So when I was younger I stayed at a friends house. He lived out in the country (I live in Kentucky btw). Down in his basement he had a couple turtles. Naturally I thought they were pets because we were playing around with them.

    Later that day we went fishing and returned to a dinner his mom had made. It was a stew that had all sorts of stuff in it. All I knew for certain was that there was corn and some kind of meat that I assumed was chicken.

    So I asked his mom what was in it because I couldn’t really tell. When she said “Turtle” I instantly dropped my spoon, stared at her for a couple seconds in disgust, and then headed for the basement.

    Sure as shit the turtles were gone. All I could think was what kind of sick fuck serves their pet turtles for dinner?!

    Moral of the story:
    Don’t live in Kentucky and if your “Redneck” friend’s mom makes dinner, don’t eat it!

  2. Mata mata really means Kill kill in portuguese or spanish, but if the name was given with this meaning or if it was a coincidence I have no idea…

  3. Apparently the sheer deliciousness of the giant tortoise resulted in it taking three hundred years for them to get a proper latin name.
    So says Steven Fry

  4. Further to the Discworld there is a Discworld novel called: Small Gods http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_Gods wherein a god finds himself in the form of a turtle and only have one believer meaning he is only not a turtle when in close proximity to this individual. It’s very good.