Joe, Kevin, and Toren are joined again by Dr. Rob Tarzwell for another Caustic Anatomy Class, this time on bones! We look at the structure and evolution of bones, the world’s biggest, smallest, and most-broken, several weird bone diseases, the Oddfellows’ closeted-skeletons, plus news and pop culture!

Music: “Dem Bones” by Fred Waring & his Pennsylvanians




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  • Zaki Jääskeläinen

    Not much to say except that this is my number 1 podcast.

    And also that Dr Rob sounds just like Pat Skipper, the actor who played Dana Scully’s brother Bill Scully on The X-Files.

  • Keeffer

    I just had brain surgery and they had to remove a piece of my skull. It’s been replaced with titanium and I got the surgeons to save a piece of my skull for me and I’m having it turned into a necklace. Because when you have a piece of your skull why not wear it as jewelry, right?

    • Generaleesimo

      Or have it fashioned into a weapon…. Throwing star maybe?

  • articulett

    Per Dr. Rob Tarzwell’s comment at 41:55– you would not be eating yourself if you were eating food grown with manure made from your own feces, as the majority of mass of a plant comes from the carbon dioxide in the air and water (but it would still be icky). –/Biology Teacher

  • Another Tom

    I broke the tip of my middle finger in high school. I was fixing a weight machine that had jammed and the guy whose job it was to keep 100 lbs of metal from crushing my hands was watching a girl. The weights came down, I yank my hands out but not quite fast enough. The middle finger on my left hand was in a splint for a while. This was while I was taking drivers ed and I gave a whole ton of people the finger during driving practice. The teacher asked me not to do the hand signals out the window.

  • zuzu

    the unbridled fury does not exist on the internet, why do you lie?

  • pavellishin

    (Spoiler alert for a book, but it’s not a HUGE plot point.)

    I like how you joked about “shank you with my leg”, but in Josh Bazell’s “Beat The Reaper” novel that actually happens! The protagonist literally uses one of his own leg bones to stab someone else. It’s a pretty gruesome scene, I had to stop reading a few times.

    Great book, too – highly recommend it. (The sequel talks about sharks, if y’all do a follow up…)

  • Derek Weber

    I thought that picture from was Army of Darkness at first. Will have to dig up the RHh films though – I think I have a couple of Sinbads I haven’t watched yet that the kids might like. Fantastic episode, guys. This one’s a keeper! 🙂

  • purrdence

    Are we going to have Dave Grohl breaking his leg during performing and then coming back to finish his set as a follow-up?

  • Christina Marta

    For both “pop culture” and “phobias” might I suggest Ray Bradbury’s “Skeleon.”

  • sewdotcoe

    Just HOW did the blue whale get into that Vancouver Museum for you to be amazed by? EVEN MORE AMAZING!