Dr. Rob is back for for a Caustic Anatomy Class on kidneys! We’ll cover kidney disease, hear Toren’s own kidney stone story in full detail, the largest kidney stones ever reported, kidney stones in history, the effects of kidney-blows, plus news and pop culture!

Music: “Kidney Stone Song” by Stacy Pearcy




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  • Amanda M

    Oh dear LORD kidney stones suck. I just had one back in August. The worst part of the whole horrifyingly painful event was that we got to the ER at midnight, and I didn’t see a doctor til 6am…. and I had to walk around the ENTIRE TIME because it hurt too much to sit down for longer than 30 seconds at a stretch. A nurse finally gave me a shot of something that at least stopped me from shrieking and throwing up from the pain. But that only took the edge off. It was horrible. My boyfriend had never seen anyone in so much pain before, and he couldn’t do a thing to help. The cherry on this shit sundae is that I never even saw the damn thing – I drank so much lemonade to help it pass that we think the acid probably dissolved it in the bladder. We started calling it Chip after Mom said this was probably the only grandbaby I would ever give her.. ha! Poor Chip. He ran away from home before anyone even had a chance to meet him. 😉

    The follow-up ultrasound was pretty cool, though – your kidneys LOOK like kidneys, which is weird for ultrasounds.. most times I’ve had it done, I can’t tell what the heck they’re looking at, but the kidney was indeed kidney-shaped: bean-like, with the little fan of veins inside. And when the nurse flipped a switch, it lit up with red and blue pixels as the blood went in and out. Very cool! And I hope, to any god who will listen, that it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. x_x

    0/10 would not recommend.

  • Javier Mackey

    Great episode. I have been a long time listener, and you guys kill it everytime.

  • Raptor-Chick

    The largest kidney stone ever… WHAT THE FUCK?! D:

  • Amanda Jantzi

    I suffer from chronic kidney stones and get 5-10 a year. It is miserable and not awesome, and there is definitely a lot of writhing in agony. I name them each year like hurricanes – A, B, C, D… But! when I saw this episode I made a delighted sound so I could hear your guys take on this. Awesome, as always.

  • Derek

    I always love the episodes where you tell stories that gross each other out. Toren always ends up giggling at the horror. 🙂