Special Blend with Adam Pateman

Comedian Adam Pateman joins us to discuss diving accidents, dead whale carcasses, losing one’s sense of smell, cannibalism on the Franklin Expedition, a doomed expedition to Africa, plus which is the lesser of two evils – being sprayed with skunk water or being pelted with frozen paintballs?

Music: “Out of Line” by Aphasia ( Soundcloud | YouTube | Facebook )





3 Responses

  1. jesus, kevin, calm down. Let the man finish his story. I had to pause the podcast cause i couldnt listen to you interrupting him all the time.

  2. Em here. I swear to you we didn’t make the Grand Isle garbage smell that bad intentionally. The “just for fun” aside was mainly just to indicate that the rotting fish and dog shit were the overwhelming smells, and the rest of the stuff was just mixed in, but compared to the fish…nothing can compete with rotting Mahi Mahi guts. We always freeze the fish guts and chicken scraps and stuff now so that we aren’t contributing to the misery of the garbage men. Or we chuck it into the bayou for the alligators. They don’t seem to mind too much if it stinks.

    The funniest part of that entire trip was my little sister standing on the boardwalk in the wildlife preserve, covered in mosquitoes, sobbing “WHY ARE WE HEREEEEEE” like she was having an existential crisis, when in point of fact she just didn’t understand why my parents thought this was a good vacation spot.

  3. The smell-o-rama segment me of my favorite Sigma Chemicals product- pseudo corpse. It’s for dog training or the cruelest of practical jokes and it comes in three formulations (including drowning victim!).

    I’m hoping that this wasn’t covered in another episode. I’m currently working my way through a backlog of episodes.