Joe, Toren, and Kevin ring in the end of another season of Caustic Soda with a look at the arbitrary time of year we chose as the end. We’ll look at how calendars work, new year around the world and in history, plus the dangers of drunk walking and a cork injury PSA!

Music: “Sexist Bullshit” by The Doubleclicks

Charity O’ The Week:




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  • Derek

    That intermission song was just the best! And I loved Kevin’s Y2K story, if not his attitude about its necessity. 🙂 Happy New Year, guys!

  • thickets

    I think I found the XP for Tiamat, somebody correct me if I’m wrong:

    5th edition: 155,000 XP
    4th edition: 235,000 XP
    AD&D: 7,810 XP

  • Derek Weber

    In the news: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. :/
    ABC: Man enjoying New Year’s Eve party told ‘Your house is on fire’

  • amysrevenge

    Praise jeebus Toren, I came here looking for Tiamat XP – thanks for putting it here. Would have driven me crazy.