Season seven of Caustic Soda begins with pathogenic fungi, prototaxites, spelunker’s lung, fungal eye and yeast infections, magic mushrooms, the death suit, and cordyceps. Plus news and pop culture!

Music: “Baby’s There’s Mold Outside” by Toren and Louise
the hyphae are long – Baby there’s mold outside
the filaments strong – Baby there’s mold outside
it’s turning me green – and fuzzy and sometimes white
like some old fruit – it’s in the shower and the sink

you find it in penicillin, other mold can make you illin’
they use it to make some cheese – pass the gorgonzola please
releasing their spores – they’re gonna get doled out
Baby there’s mold outside



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  • Derek

    Wow! They’re some pretty amazing pictures (where’s the linked-to one?! I like to be grossed out!). That X-Files ep is one of my faves too.
    Out of interest, does anyone know if Philip K Dick mucked around with magic mushrooms? I know he did a lot of drugs, and so much of his work is based around questioning our perception of reality that it makes sense that mushrooms might figure in there somewhere.

  • Jon

    If there was a way to post pics in the comments, I could show you the fungus that grew out of my toilet a few years ago. It was epic! It grew to the size of a dinner plate and covered the small, 7’x7′, bathroom with a thick layer of spores. This happened in about 2 weeks time.

    (Image edited in by Joe):

    • Joe Fulgham

      Comments allow the html IMG tag, so you can host images on a service and post them here using the “HTML (website / blogs)” code.

      Like this.

  • Danierru

    The whole time you were talking about the giant fauna/organism in Oregon, I wanted to yell out “ITS AN OREGONISM!”.

    • thickets

      Used that one for the research!