Season seven of Caustic Soda begins with pathogenic fungi, prototaxites, spelunker’s lung, fungal eye and yeast infections, magic mushrooms, the death suit, and cordyceps. Plus news and pop culture!

Music: “Baby’s There’s Mold Outside” by Toren and Louise
the hyphae are long – Baby there’s mold outside
the filaments strong – Baby there’s mold outside
it’s turning me green – and fuzzy and sometimes white
like some old fruit – it’s in the shower and the sink

you find it in penicillin, other mold can make you illin’
they use it to make some cheese – pass the gorgonzola please
releasing their spores – they’re gonna get doled out
Baby there’s mold outside



8 Responses

  1. Wow! They’re some pretty amazing pictures (where’s the linked-to one?! I like to be grossed out!). That X-Files ep is one of my faves too.
    Out of interest, does anyone know if Philip K Dick mucked around with magic mushrooms? I know he did a lot of drugs, and so much of his work is based around questioning our perception of reality that it makes sense that mushrooms might figure in there somewhere.

  2. If there was a way to post pics in the comments, I could show you the fungus that grew out of my toilet a few years ago. It was epic! It grew to the size of a dinner plate and covered the small, 7’x7′, bathroom with a thick layer of spores. This happened in about 2 weeks time.

    (Image edited in by Joe):

    1. Comments allow the html IMG tag, so you can host images on a service and post them here using the “HTML (website / blogs)” code.

      Like this.

  3. The whole time you were talking about the giant fauna/organism in Oregon, I wanted to yell out “ITS AN OREGONISM!”.