Running, Part 1 of 2

Dr. Katie Marshall is back with Joe, Toren, and Kevin to talk about the horrors of running. They compare human and animal running speeds, the horrors the running inflicts on your body (plus some benefits), the man vs. horse marathon, the beer mile, and the “Ride and Tie”.

Music: “Flee!” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets




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  1. Jogger’s Nipple – isn’t that near Foggy Bottom?

    I remember the first time I heard of the Screaming Trees was at high school. This kid was saying he was such a fan of theirs, and of the Smashing Pumpkins, which I’d also never heard of. I thought he was just making up band names. Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins… What was next? The Aching Pinecones? Anyway, I’m a big fan of the SPs now.

  2. Perfect timing! I’m running the Key West half marathon this weekend. It will be my 4th half marathon since I started running last year. I hope you’re gonna mention the sheer idiocy of the Disney Challenge races next time. The mother of them all is the Dopey, which is a 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon over 4 days every January. My goal is to do it next year, and I’m looking forward to regretting my choices the entire 48 miles. I’ve done the Glass Slipper and Infinity Gauntlet (both 10k/half combos) and can highly recommend them for anyone who really wants to suffer while running through the happiest place on earth. The staff is great, the organization is as close to flawless as you’re going to get, and the courses are wonderful. I’m doing the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge in April (10k/half again) because I can’t resist the allure of the medals.

  3. I had blood build up under my big toenail following an accidental stomping injury in kendo, and it became so painful that I thought it must have been broken.

    Working at a hospital I ducked down to staff-clinic and my treating Doctor lanced it with a paper clip he heated to red hot with a lighter, and “melted” through the nail in the center.

    Blood welled out for some time after and initial spurt, and the pain was immediately and dramatically reduced. Rather terrifying to have done but such a surprisingly successful treatment.

    I’ve also gone on to do 4 Tough Mudder events and sever other similar events… And yet I hate running, paradox! (It’s the obstacles).

  4. Great show Caustic Soda team! Loved the subject, I did wonder whether Running would qualify as a topic at some point.

    I’ve run regularly for the last 6 years and despite having experienced fissure of the nipples, subungual hematoma (toenails have been lost, but weirdly without any pain), plantar fasciitis, Iliotibial band inflammation, shin splints, achilles tendinitis and a number of minor muscle injuries, running has been one of the most positive and rewarding activities for my health, happiness and mental wellbeing. I’ve never suffered the runners diarrhoea though, so perhaps I have rose tinted lenses on the whole thing.

    The runner’s high is a real thing! The sense of achievement is also massively influencing and contributes to the running addiction. I’ve run a few dozen races and the whole race day experience is exhilarating, I would highly recommend anyone try it.

    Looking forward to the 2nd part of the show and top work from Dr Katie as the guest expert.

  5. Another fantastic episode! As a runner who’s experienced some of the running injuries mentioned, jogger’s nipple feels the worst. Especially after the hot shower to clean up afterwards. Use Vaseline, people! Also, I’ve never had the red hot needle in the nail…. but I have had the medical mini blowtorch in the nail. It was fancy.

  6. About the pacing of the cheetah over the 100m and 200m compared to Usain bolt (Ok, I will use myself instead as the numbers are easier) and it’s all about getting to top speed.
    When I ran the 100m in 11 seconds, I know that the first ten meters took me two seconds, leaving an average of ten meters per second after that.
    I have almost the same stats over 200m in running it in 21 seconds.

    Now hearing the data about the cheetah I think that this means they take a lot longer to get to top speed than us humans do. Over 40m I think that a human could beat a cheetah as they seem to take a lot of time to reach top speed, but that speed is so much quicker.

    On a caustic note, I’ve had Shin splints now for twenty years, and without my orthotics I would be in constant pain.
    I’ve also pulled my hamstrings over ten times.