Running, Part 2 of 2

The podcast marathon continues as Dr. Katie, Joe, Toren, and Kevin talk about the Badwater Ultramarathon, the Canadian Death Race, Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, and Oscar Pistorius’ career and deadly Valentine.

Music: “We’re on the Other Side Now” by Magdalen

Charity O’ The Week: The Terry Fox Foundation (Buy “Terry” here!)



6 Responses

  1. Great episode! As far as pop culture goes, I’ve got two.
    1) CM Punk’s marathon story…

    2) Who needs an app when you can have the real thing? Zombies!
    (Apparently Vancouver has one as well, though I’ve never been.)

  2. Tennis coverage often has really good hi-def slo-mo shots of the players while they run around, giving a great view of the movement of muscles, etc.

  3. There’s plenty of running in The Running Man. Hold on, no there not, really (having watched again last night), not especially. The future will be so eighties, man. It’d be great to see remade (rather than that abomination they called Total Recall), but I think it’s been done in things like Series 7 and The Turkey Shoot remake. The Richard Bachman (Steven King) book is so much better in any case. In fact, another Bachman book that’s relevant here is The Walk, in which participants enter a 450 mile walk and they have to keep up a 4mph pace for the whole race (no rests) or be shot. It’s not exactly running, but it endurance.
    I’ve always wanted to watch Chariots of Fire too, but have never got around to it.