Mines (Warfare)

Toren, Kevin, and Joe discuss mines of every description including naval mines, helicopter mines, fougasses, nuclear mines, the Camp Bonifas Golf Course and mine-detecting flowers. Plus what to expect when you step on a blast mine.

Music: “Oooh-oh-Boom!” by Benny Goodman with Martha Tilton

Charity O’ The Week: International Campaign to Ban Landmines



8 Responses

  1. So far no mention of the german Glasmine 43 which is pretty much what it’s called a mine made of glass making it more or less impossible to detect. Looks pretty much like a round casserole.

  2. Caustic Soda is my wash day podcast, so I can assure Joe that the laundry mine is a very real, devastating problem.

  3. Argh! Fewer, not less (if it’s about countable items)! Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

    Great podcast! I was thinking that that awful movie set in Georgia might have been almost good-ish if, as was briefly suggested, the second half was, in fact, a flashback, so half way through the film you’d realise that the Georgian guy, although awful, was actually inflicting revenge upon the guy who killed his daughter! But then I thought about it for another three seconds and thought that that wouldn’t be nearly enough to redeem the film. Thanks for the warning on that one – I think I’ll skip it.

    As an aside, speaking of minor film edits that change the entire plot/feel/whatever of a film, a friend of mine (Nigel, the guy who destroyed himself with a special chilli and wrote about it on the site somewhere) came up with several different interpretations of what Ex Machina was about, and figured that you could,have a really clear and interesting one if you took the bathroom scene in the middle (the bloody one) and put that right at the start of the film.

  4. Fougasse is also a kind of free form bread, vaguely similar to foccacia. It is rolled into kind of a leaf shape and several cuts are made right through it, like the ribs on a leaf. It is then placed into an oven with a peel and baked on the hearth. It often has herbs in it and cheese on top or olives or jalapenos. It is super tasty and the cuts make it easy to pull apart.