Vigiles, Sombra Negra, Jonathan Idema, Bernhard Goetz, The Lavender Panthers, the Fierce Missouri Bald Knobbers and Anonymous hacktivism, and more!

Music: “Power Up” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets



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  • Nick

    I just choked on my breakfast because I was laughing so hard when you guys talked about Kevin being the “Masturbator” vigilante. This is why I love this podcast.

  • Patrick

    Brilliant episode yet again, keeping me company on a hangover.

  • zuzu

    the Ashley Madison mass outing was wrong all around. lots of sex workers got outed there as well.

  • Brenton

    30 minutes into Death Wish. It’s actually a pretty good movie. Dino de Laurentiis production.
    i was expecting schlocky acting, etc.

  • Amanda

    Yeah Ashley M also outted ppl living secret lives that then resulted in suicides, so thats no good at all. Also check out the movies: The Act of Killing (doc about indonesian death squads) The Hunt and, for some action, John Wick:)

  • thorya

    I don’t know Angle Grinder Man’s specific situation, but I have certainly had experiences where he would be the hero.

    In Atlanta, ParkAtlanta is a for profit company that is in charge of issuing parking tickets. When they took over from the police the number of tickets quadrupled. Their employs have quotas for the number of parking tickets they must issue each shift, regardless of how many actual violations there are. This has led to cases where legally parked vehicles get ticketed, including every (legally parked) car on a street being ticketed by a particularly lazy parking officer. I was the victim of this twice. Both times while parked in my neighborhood where I was very familiar with the legal parking areas. The news has reported on this several times, but the city council gets a several million dollar kick-back so they have no interest in fixing it. If you want to fight the ticket you have to go to court and I can tell you if you’re making just above minimum wage you can’t afford to take a day off and you don’t have the freedom to take a day off to fight it even if you could afford it, even if it means paying a fraudulent ticket. They specifically target the poorer neighborhoods. I can understand wanting to cut off wheel locks, but they take down the license plate and the people he’s freeing are probably going to get charged more down the line.

    Of course this is also in a city where I have seen a cop leave a crash sight on the freeway to go ticket someone rather than staying to help the people involved in the accident, so policing for profit is really endemic.

    And lest you think I’m just upset about a ticket, a few of the stories on PARKAtlanta to support my claims:

  • Derek

    Death bronies, FTW. I’d watch that. Make it so, Kevin!

    Say, why did so many cops get investigated WRT that wheelchair guy? I thought it was just the two guys who actually assaulted and killed the poor bloke.

    My favourite pop culture reference has to be the comic book and movie of Kick Ass. That blew my mind the first time I saw it. #2 not so much. Actually, another very similar film released at around the same time was Super (starring the Gareth character from the (American) Office, I think); he was a costumed vigilante because he thought God had told him to be, and he gets caught up with drug dealers or something. Not nearly as good as Kick Ass, but also very graphic.

    Great episode, guys. Looking forward to Kidneys today. 🙂

  • Brenton

    I think it was in this episode that the term cohort was brought up, and the assumption was that the co- prefix indicated working with someone (or something like that). Turns out not to be the case:

    “usage: The co- in cohort is not a prefix signifying a joint or auxiliary relationship (as in coauthor or codependency). The word derives from the Latin cohors, an ancient Roman military unit, and also ‘band of people with a common interest.’ “

  • Derek

    Dexter too, of course. Does Mad Max count?

  • Bernard

    No mention of “Taxi Driver?” Really? Have it your way, fellers.

    • thickets

      We ran out of tape!

  • CoD

    What’s with the hate for Bernard Goetz? He was a robbery victim who defended himself. It’s not like he was seeking offenders to target, they targeted them. Not his fault that they brought a screwdriver to a gunfight! That 43 million judgment against him is outrageous and immoral (criminals should not be able to profit from the crimes they committed – the paralyzed guy made his bed and should have to lie in it!) and luckily the perp does not seem to have received much or any of it.

    • CoD

      “they targeted him” not “them”. No edit feature so I have to reply. In any case, he was not a real vigilante, just a guy defending himself.

    • Joe Fulgham

      Not his fault that they brought a screwdriver to a gunfight!

      It was absolutely his fault that it was a gunfight. He chose to carry a lethal firearm and rather than pull it out and say “Lie down on the floor while we wait for the police” he instead whipped it out and fired at all four to kill.

      Angry that justice wasn’t happening the way he wanted, he took it into his own hands and left one of them a brain-damaged paraplegic. In some other Universe there was another version of Goetz who did what I said and could be considered a hero, but the one we got is nothing but a scared attempted murderer, for the crime of holding a screwdriver and saying “Give me five dollars.”

      While there’s no “good guy” in that altercation, the one wielding lethal intent without any warning was Goetz. He was the bad guy there, just waiting for someone he felt deserved it. The four he shot just wanted some money — Goetz wanted to kill people.

  • Josh

    Would have loved to hear your guys thoughts on Punisher in the Daredevil netflix show.