Weird Wars, Part 1

Kevin, Toren, and Joe take a look at history’s weirdest wars. Tales from the Third Mithridatic War, The Siege of Yongqiu, The War of the Bucket, the Sham Battle, the War of Jenkins’ Ear, the Battle of Den Helder, The Pastry War, and The Pig War.

Music: “The Seeds of Pain” by Information Society



7 Responses

  1. As a dutch I had to laugh about the capture of the dutch fleet. What a story! The dutch language version of wikipedia says that the ships had orders not to resist, however I liked your version better!

  2. Really interesting little tidbits in this one. Well done.

    One thing that grabbed my interest was that quote from William James (the “father of psychology” if it’s the same guy, I think). He wrote that quote about how glorious war is in 1910 or so, right? So that was just before WWI and that was exactly what people still thought – they hadn’t seen the horrors that modern machinery could perform on the battlefield, so although it’s an amazingly outdated attitude now, it’s not so unfathomable back then. 🙂 Just my two cents.

    Can’t wait to listen to part 2 on my way to work this morning.