Weird Wars, Part 2

Kevin, Toren, and Joe are back with part two of “weird wars!”. This episode features The Anglo-Zanzibar War, The War of the Golden Stool, The War of the Stray Dog, The Football War, plus news and pop culture!

Music: “Watch World War Three (on Pay TV)” by  Crown City Four




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      1. I just posted an identity-hidden screen cap to social media. The reading was all Eric Fell!

        Except the “Hah, I’m totally putting this in today’s episode!” part. That was me.

    1. In facet we had that in the notes when we started researching, but by the time we got to record we’d taken it out because it didn’t quite fit the topic of ‘war’ (despite the name of the Emu War”

  1. I love Canadian Bacon, despite being European! Admittedly, I was introduced to it by the teacher of my Canadian History class.

  2. You guys had me cackling with these two episodes 🙂

    P.S. Let’s hear more about the SEX STUFF!

  3. I thought Karel Capek’s name sounded familiar. He coined the term ‘robot’.

    Cheery fellow:

    Also, I found a free ebook copy of the War With The Newts:

    About Iron Sky, I don’t know if I saw a different edit to the one you did, Joe, but for me it started off with a Sarah Palin-esque US president on an exercise machine trying to figure out how to get re-elected, and coming up with the idea of sending people to the moon again. But she couldn’t send just any old astronauts, so she picked some models or sports people, hence the black guy. There’s a sequel coming in the next few years too – with dinosaurs.

    Great Morgan Freeman voice too, Toren, I had no idea what you were saying I was so distracted by how uncanny it was that I had to listen to the section again. 🙂

    I still have images of Brian Blessed with a golden winged helmet wandering through my head. +1 for the Easter Egg.

  4. Thank you guys so much for the dramatic reading of my silly email! And thank you Joe for your taking the joke as it wa intended; I love you, and the rest of the cast. You guys just made my year.

  5. I’m from New Mexico, USA and I know of The Littlest Hobo! My mom listens to another Canadian podcast, Marek vs. Wyshynski, where it was referenced so we ordered the DVD. It’s hilarious, and I think you guys have actually brought it up before…

    LOVE Toren’s Morgan Freeman, btw. Now off to finish the episode!