Altitude sickness, frostbite, Ötzi the mummy, the Murder Wall, and other mountaineering deaths. Part one of two.

Music: “Marching ‘Round the Mountain” by Pete Fountain



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  • Brandon H.

    What a great episode to springboard off of to post “Scenic Mountaintop” as a download 🙂 The office felt a bit cooler today while listening to this episode for some reason…

  • Peter Hornsby

    Another awesome episode! Was this the Captain Kirk clip you mentioned?

  • Karen

    My favourite line from Touching the Void, “Bloody hell, I’m going to die to Boney M”.

  • sewdotcoe

    The comic series “High Crimes” deals with mountain misadventures. You can find info here: or on Comixology:

  • Derek Weber

    That Ötzi dude was one tough guy. I think I read recently they’d found that he has tattoos under his armpits!

    I’m going to send these episodes to a mate of mine who’s hiking up to Base Camp next year with his son. Rather him that me!

  • Gregory Nutt

    It’s always a dream of mine to climb mountains. Now it seems I ought to prepare for it to be the last thing I do!

  • Gregory Nutt

    It’s really weird when you see someone with the same name as you.

  • Amy D

    The Dyatlov Incident is an interesting read. Definitely a Mountain Mishap.