Yvonne Morrin joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe to talk elephants, starting with a mammoth pop-quiz and a ton of caustic elephacts: musth, the Phajaan ritual, and elephant artificial insemination. Part 1 of 2.

Music: “Grown Man Cry (Piano Demo)” by Amanda Palmer




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  • Artie J

    I’ll never watch Dumbo the same way again…

  • Derek

    I’ll never look at toothpaste the same way!

  • Sean West

    Damini by USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) was written about two elephants.



  • brokenhaiku2

    Seeing what people do to those elephants, even if you ignore the fact that they are smart, sensitive animals is just horrific.

  • Derek

    That must have been a really hard episode to record for you all, with regard to the treatment of the animals, but particularly for Yvonne. It’s not easy to keep a sense of humour with such heinous actions being carried out.
    Great, informative episode guys. Can’t wait for the second part. I want to see if you picked the Lesser of Two Evils that immediately occurred to me when I saw the title of the episode. 🙂

  • Jennifer Bourne

    I’ll throw in this bit of pop culture: Clyde, the groovy hippie elephant who falls in love with Phylis the ant. I remember listening to this when I was a kid and thinking it was weird as hell.

  • abusepuppy

    Great show and really good to have Yvonne back on the show (Bats was one of my favorite episodes), but I gotta say: I’m super-happy to hear you guys putting more new music for the breaks. I love the Thickets and I’m happy to take any excuse to listen to them, but given the broad variety of subject matter it’s not realistic to be able to pull up a topical song for every episode. I’d rather you guys just put something good and/or unique into the episode than try and stretch too hard to try and find a public-domain song about Whelks, or Cryostasis, or what have you. And, to the credit of whoever is doing the choosing so far, I’ve enjoyed all of the “guest” artists that have been on so far, so I say keep it up.

  • Another Tom

    I remember riding an elephant with my dad as a child at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. There was no chair, the zoo staff put several blankets on the elephants shoulders and that was where you sat. If I wanted to I could probably find pictures of it at my moms.