Fanfare Finale

Almost six years to the day of our first ever podcast, Mike, Toren, Joe and Kevin are bringing their journey through the absolute worst the world of science, history, and pop culture has to offer to an end. Veteran Guestpert Dr. Rob joins us for the first two hours of our massive farewell episode.

We cover almost every followup we’ve got left, including Olfactory Reference Syndrome, necrotic cervix, decomposing corpse poo, toxic trucker pee, auto urine therapy, urine-repellent paint, helminthic therapy, synthetic marijuana, coffin-birth, outrageous anti-abortion laws, vagina potato, poop transplant, ancient viking shit, a creepy face transplant, compulsive-bad-joke-telling (more than our usual), a lethal silicone penis injection, self-amputation, elevator abandonment, an “autism cure” that rates on the Evilometer, the worst auto-racing disaster in history, a whale meat experience, ape answers, mite shit, a failed test of faith, a lethal posthumous snake-bite, crocodile guards, sword booby-traps, a bloody pillow fight, the 1904 Olympic Marathon, bouncy house dangers, a fire-boozenadeo, terrible gamer-parents, The Granny Ripper, and the very last Lesser of Two Evils!

“Toot Toot Tootsie (Goo’ Bye)” by Al Jolson
“When You Go” by Jonathan Coulton
“The Caustic Soda Show” by Toren Atkinson and Rowan Lipkovitz (of The Creaking Planks)

Charity O’ The Week: Rain City Badger


  • Researchers/editors Cory, Dave E, Jonathan Snow, Kelly N, Mele, Raymond, Sheri, Teagan and Todd
  • Dr Rob
  • Dr Jenna
  • Firefighter Allan Newell
  • Mr Dr Greg Bole
  • Gavin Pitts
  • Steven Schwartz
  • Yvonne Morrin
  • Lisa Gemino
  • Chris Pramas
  • Chris Stewart from Kerberos Productions
  • Fraser Cain from Astronomycast
  • Nurse Katie
  • Jordan Pratt, Warren Banks, Chris Woods from Horsetrack Hooligans
  • Our amazing listeners, the Soda Jerks.



109 Responses

  1. I legitimately had to step out of work to take a few minutes when I read this. Ive been a listener for a while and you guys are on of the main reasons I started a podcast myself. I am sad to see you guys go.

    I wish you all good luck on future ventures

    Any chance we can get the podcast thrown on a torrent?

    1. I have an 18GB folder just about ready, but am looking for a “seedbox” and torrent tracker to use. I’ve been editing that monster the past two days and haven’t had time to get it up.

      It will happen. There will be a torrent with every single Caustic mp3 I can find in it.

      1. How long will the website download links be active? Thanks for the laughs guys I have throughly enjoyed the show for over two years now

      2. Will that include the (Toren’s) intermission songs? I always loved the Spina bifida and ninja ones. 🙂

      3. I’m also curious as to how long the website will remain active? I come here to listen to the podcast. Also, where will the link to the torrent be?

  2. Makes me sad the journey is at an end, but you guys have been great sinking so much of your time and effort over the years into this project. It’ll be a missed part of my week.

  3. OMG. Thank you all so much for the amazing caustic, music and funny!!! One of my favorite podcast ever. You will be missed.

  4. Oh man, my heart sank at this news. It’s the end of an era. You guys have been my favorite gym, road trip, and comic-coloring ipod bros, and I am grateful for every grotesque but socially responsible minute of it. I look forward to your future projects.

  5. I haven’t heard the show yet, but a tear came to my eye when I read the description. Thank you, and thank you again all of you for the show. You guys helped to get me through a rough time in my life by helping me to escape my life for a little while. I’ll miss you guys. Thanks again.

  6. Guys, thank you all so much for all the amazing content over the years. I count myself fortunate enough to have been able to attend one of your live shows, and to back your crowdfunding initiatives. Your podcasts were the soundtrack to renovating our home, driving cross country, and whiling away countless hours walking the dog. All the best in your future projects, and thank you again for everything you’ve given to the Caustic community over the years! As the prior commenter said, you will be missed!

  7. I didn’t listen yet, but came here beforehand to say I AM CRY. I fucking love you guys.

  8. Thanks so much for all the years of listening pleasure(?) guys. I’m honoured to have been one very small part of it 🙂

  9. I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded every episode and with this episode Caustic Soda Podcast has a run of 313 mp3s, 18.1 GB, and a duration of 337:12:06. That is quite the run and doesn’t even count the extra stuff you have in Downloads. Thanks for making my favorite podcast.

  10. Hi guys… Im really going to miss you guys part of my weekly routine, Ill miss you, lots of love to the four of you,

  11. Oh, guys, don’t go 🙁 We’ll miss you. Good luck in whatever you do. I’ll miss hearing you bunch of nerds every morning. You guys got me through grad school.

  12. Thanks so much, guys. So sorry to see you go, but so thankful for what you’ve offered. My world is richer for it. 🙂

      1. I’ve finally managed to listen to the finale all the way through and I have to say it’s one of your best with fantastic stories, so well told and brought to life. It’s why I always sent you so many things – by themselves, the stories were often awful, but you all, Joe, Toren, Mike (voicelessly, till the end (great cameo, btw!)), and even Kevin ;), just made them so wonderful and hilarious, but also so thoughtfully and carefully with delicate topics. I listened to you while I drove to work every Tuesdays and I felt like I was sitting across the table from you all, right there with you – you made me (and I’m sure all of us here) feel like we were one of you, just chewing the fat around the campfire, joking and being amazed by all the fascinating things that came across the table. Thank you for being brothers in grossness for so long! And thank you to all your guestperts and contributors. Bravo to you all.

        Derek (Dave W)

        PS Will comments on episodes still be open for a while? I still like adding links and comments as they occur to me while re-listening to episodes.

  13. Holy what! Nooooo! Toren, Joe and Kevin; you have been like friends of mine for the 4 years I’ve been listening. The humor you affect in the face of death, dismemberment, and general causticness of your subject matter invites everyone to look on the lighter side of the trials we face every day. You will be seriously missed and I sincerely wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

    1. And who could forget Mike! …and of course all the great guests you’ve had through the years. (Sorry Mike, I guess me, that’s who)

  14. Thanks for making my Saturday night at work some of the funniest times I’ve had. My co worker would look at me like I was losing my mind most of the time, with the laughing uncontrollably. I wish you guys well! Thanks again!

  15. Nooooooooo! I’m so sad to hear this. Cause Soda had been one of my favorite podcasts for years. You brought much joy and nausea to my cleaning days. If any of you do more podcasting ventures please post the info on your site or fb page.

  16. Love you guys. This was the first podcast I binged on and listen every week. I haven’t listened to this ep yet but I want a way to keep up with you all. And I’ll hold out hope for a reunion podcast on the subject of Canada. You will be missed. Now go and do something bigger!

  17. Nooooooo!!! I will not allow this!! ?

    Thanks SO much for all the awesome episodes of epic awesomeness and Caustic humor!!

    Love you guys!! ???

  18. I feel like I have just been punched in the stomach! I am definitely sad to see this podcast go. Of the 25 or so podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, Caustic Soda is, without a doubt, my favourite. Just now as I refreshed my podcast list, I noticed a new episode was downloading (yay!), and that it was 150 MB (yay, that means a long show!), then I noticed the title. My heart sunk. I went to the website, and my fears were confirmed. 🙁

    Everything about Caustic Soda was a win – the hosts, the subject matter, the research, the audio quality, the music, the intros, the outros, the editing – all of it. There have been limited times in my life where something from the internet has brought me real joy, but finding and listening to Caustic Soda has been one of those times.

    Toren, Joe, Kevin, Mike, what can I say but a simple thank you. Thank you so much! I have enjoyed every single episode, and I surely will listen to them all again. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into making Caustic Soda. Thanks for all the laughs, all the interesting facts and stories, and all the anecdotes. I wish you all the best, fellas!

    If any of you ever happen to find yourselves in the Canadian Arctic, please do look me up. It would be my honour to buy you a drink.

  19. I just want to say thank you for your amazing work, those countless hours of content you’ve put out for us! Needless to say, I’ll miss your podcast, but I wish you all the best in your future projects!
    It would be awesome if you could create an archive torrent with every single episode, so I can easily share the awesome that is Caustic Soda with my friends.

    Now excuse me while I go cry my eyes out…

  20. Shattered, guys! Can’t believe you’re breaking up with me! Thanks for all the laughs and the learns. You got me through some tough days.

  21. I’ve been having a bad week, so this is sad to hear. I’m a huge fan of you guys. Best of luck.

  22. I am going to miss hearing you guys on Monday’s! I am very glad I got the chance to meet you guys and Alan, and play games a couple years ago, and meet Rob. Thank you for the many great podcasts, and best to all of you!!!

  23. This is super sad news. I listen to a bit of Caustic Soda almost every night before bed. It’s far and away my top listened to podcast. At this point I think there are maybe 10 episodes I’ve missed.

    My first episode was about Jellyfish while traveling around Costa Rica! I’ve been hooked since then.

    It’s been really great hearing the show refine over time. It’s only gotten funnier and more dialed in. The guests have been wonderful.

    So sad. Wish we could change your minds! Maybe a long spring break instead?! ?

    I hope you will consider a new podcast, maybe with a different theme, sometime in the future. I love listening to your voices and hearing your jokes. I am REALLY going to miss you all.

  25. Little heart broken by this, I listen and relisten to soda every day. It has been a fantastic companion on my commute, thank you for your glimmer of light in a increasingly sad world.
    Wish you the best in the future guys

  26. Hard to believe that the podcast has come to an end. You guys were great. Your podcast has been a part of my weekly routine over the years, one of my guilty pleasures. Oh well. So what’s next? Good luck with your future endeavors, and hope to hear from you all in the future.

  27. oh.. thanks for all the podcasts, they have been utterly fantastic. Sorry to see it end, because it has been so wonderful!

  28. What! You mean that you aren’t going to entertain me on a weekly basis for the rest of your lives. The worst thing is Nurse Katie won’t be able to calmly describe another STI to your horrified voices.

  29. Ok I was just thinking! Elaborate podcast April Fools joke! I am calling bullshit. I want to be the first to do so!……. Wait. Is April Fools a thing in Canada? This would be a great away of introducing the next Caustic Soda Podcast topic! Come on Soda Jerks join me in calling out this prank!

  30. This was like The Wire of podcasts. So sad to see you guys go. I am hoping you all plan on collaborating on future projects. Thank you for all the years of entertainment. You got me through some hard times.

  31. Oh, what a shame! And right out of the blue. One of the few podcasts I look forward to each week. All the best for the future.

  32. I’m actually pretty weepy right now. hope you guys do something in the future for sure, best produced podcast for sure.

  33. I just want to say thank you guys for all the time and effort you put into your podcast. This was the first podcast I really started listening to. And now I’m a huge podcast addict. I blame all of you. I hope that you all have luck in your future endeavors. Please be ware if you ever want to come back and do another podcast you will be welcomed with open arms.

  34. Thank you so much for all the entertainment and education over the years. I admit although I am sad to hear that caustic soda is coming to an end I wish you guys the very best and look forward to your future projects.

  35. Your side projects better kick epic ass or this quality content void will never be filled again.
    #SodaJerk4LIFE #SoloBeatlesFlops #SorryNotSorry

  36. Like everyone else here, I am so SOO sad to hear this. I loved this podcast and you guys tremendously. When I moved across the world, listening to your podcasts every week was one of my main ways of maintaining a sense of normalcy and continuity with life back home. You guys and all of your fantastic guests were and are the best. Thanks so much for this gem of a podcast. I wish you all the best!

  37. Oh man! Rough seeing the description saying this is your final podcast. You are my absolute favourite! Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment you’ve provided <3

  38. Thank you for a fantastic six season run, and the best of luck to you all in your future endeavours! But not gonna lie, my immediate reaction was just noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! /Vader
    I will miss you guys so much ;_;

  39. In honour of this coming to an end, I’m playing the Nukes! episode for my high school US History classes this week (since we’re already talking about the Cold War).

  40. Haven’t listened yet, but very sad to hear that the podcast is wrapping up! You guys have been a great companion to my weekend workouts and you’ll be greatly missed. I think you put together a fantastic show, had great guests and I really appreciate all the work you guys did over the years to keep me entertained! Good luck in whatever it is that you decide to do with all of the time you’re freeing up!

  41. This was such a shock, I have been listening since maybe the 3rd or 4th episode in season 1 and you three have carried me through quite a bit over the last 6 years, thanks so much for the dedicated effort over the years, the bad puns and amazing stories.

  42. My friends, my good friends. I started listening to you my senior year of high school. I’m finishing up my senior year of undergraduate, and in Fall I start my PhD program. My love of science was in no small part inspired by your collective passion for the weird and gross. I wish I could have taken you guys on this next step, but I do want to thank you for the years of consistently quality content.

  43. In the words of Lemongrab, this is UNACCEPTABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE. :'( I was so jazzed when you guys read out my Salmonella story (however less fun it was to actually -live- through it, har), and my Monday commute will be all the more boring now. It makes me doubly depressed that we couldn’t swing the Kickstarter $$ to actually fly out there and be a guest for an episode! We had always hoped to save up enough to get to VCON to see you guys live, but now our dreams are crushed, CRUSHED, I TELL YOU.

    I’m reduced to expressing my sadness and distress in .gif form now: / / / /

    Mazel tov in your future endeavors, and still crossing fingers that the Thickets can make their way Midwestward and come to Convergence some year. ^_^

  44. Was it something we said… or didn’t say?

    Your absence will leave a big hole in my week… and the Caustic Soda Podcast is the closest thing to an educational institution that I’ve been anywhere near in the past 2 decades. Now how am I supposed to get smarter? As a truck driver you were a constant companion on my trips every week and as I have said, you’ll be missed. Wish you all the best in the forthcoming adventures of your lives. At least having done this podcast you’re all well prepared for the potential ugly stuff of life should it cross your path.

  45. Really sorry to see you guys hang it up. I first became aware of you when I attended a live taping of SGU in Vancouver (“I’m going to the live recording of a podcast” elicited the second most skeptical look I’ve ever received from a border guard) and you’re been possibly my favorite podcast since.

  46. My world just got a little bit dimer. I can’t believe its truly over!

    I’ve been listening since half way through Season 1, at my count this finale will be Episode 313. Caustic Soda has become one of the most favourite things in my life, its gotten me through some tough times.

    Joe, Toren, Kevin and Mike i can’t thank you enough for the countless hours you have entertained, educated and grossed me out. Wish you all the best for the future and fingers crossed that maybe after a little time off you might reconsider and return to the airwaves!

    I will miss you! xoxoxoxox

  47. One tidbit about the K2 user from South Bend…I grew up just outside South Bend. It is located far northwest Indiana and I can’t say I’m surprised that there is a K2 problem there as both the consumption and manufacturing of meth has also been a huge problem there for many years. The area has lots of isolated farmlands which is perfect for parking trailers and making illicit substances. Also farmers have to deal with theft of anhydrous ammonia from their property by meth cookers. One fun fact though, South Bend has a large population of Polish descendants so a Polish accent would have also been appropriate for the voice of the K2 user. 🙂

    Super sad to see y’all go but I understand wanting to move on and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future projects!

  48. I’ve come to feel like you guys are my friends, i like you all and I’ve learned so much.

    Thanks for so many great episodes.

    I’m sad you’re leaving me. All the best.

  49. You guys have been the humor that got me through a tough program to become a licensed vet tech. I understand why you’re going but it breaks my heart. Any thoughts to an annual end of year caustic news wrap up? I know you’re busy but just once a year maybe??

  50. I was recommned this show by a very good friend a few years ago. I heared some chioce episodes and the started to listen to every episode in chronological order.

    The second most tragic thing that happened was when I caught up with you guys. It meant I suddenly had to wait a week for every new episode.

    The most ragic thing is that it is over.

    I’m in shock and denyal. What about all those other episodes that you were hinting at? All those evile dudes and duddettes that still needed to be disected so that we may know of their monstrosity? WHAT AM I GOING TO LISTEN TO NOW?!?! ;_;

    I learnd so much from you. I embarrased my self quite a few times laughing out lound in puclic transport because one of Kevn’s delicious horrible jokes caught me off guard. And I could partake in your glory when in a boring moment I could amuse and horrify other people with the tales I leared from you. (Always pointing out what my source was in the hope to get you more listeners.)

    I will go to my happy place now and contemplate how to murder the reason for the end of the show. It might be impossible to kill a concept but one has to try when the cause is so worthy.

    To all of you who made this possible thank you!
    And may you find success in your upcomming projects.

  51. Thanks to all of you for creating the best podcast on the interwebs! I’m so sad to see you go, but happy to have called myself a Soda Jerk since season 2! Best wishes for all your future endeavors!!

  52. I’ve listened to you guys for years now and never left a comment or anything but I feel I should at least take the time to thank you all.

    So thanks for the amazing content that has kept me laughing and grossed out in the best way. I’ll be looking forward to hearing updates from all of your upcoming projects.

    Much love, Beau from Australia.

  53. I just started listening last summer! Sucks you’re ending but thanks for all the great content.

  54. Really sad, but thank you so much for all this years of the most amazing podcasts. My Tuesdays won’t be the same.
    I wish you a lot of success in all your future projects,
    Michael from Belgium

  55. This is sad news. You have made my work week for years. I always recommend this as a great podcast. I’ll miss you all.

  56. Damn I’m going to miss you guys. Thank you for the great podcast. Best of luck to all of you.

  57. I regret never having contacted you guys until now, when the show is suddenly ending. It came as surprise, unless there were some clues I missed along the way, and while I’m deeply saddened by the news I’m happy for everyone there if this allows you to you pursue other projects, goals, dreams and the likes. Divergent paths in life are bittersweet but inevitable. As a farewell I’d like to say that I’ve been a loyal fan and listener of the podcast since nearly the beginning. I’ve had some rough patches in my life over the past decade and if it weren’t for a handful of podcasts which made me laugh and think simultaneously, the journey to mental (and physical) wellness would have been far more difficult. Caustic Soda certainly tops that list of shows. You were able to keep me smiling when joy was a rare commodity, and also kept my dark side occupied in the most devious way. I’ve been putting off listening to the final third of the finale because I know it will signify the end of something I truly hold dear. I’ll get around to it, soon.

    Again, thank you for 6 years of laughter and informative topics. I’ll continue to follow the Thickets, as well as everyone else’s current and future ventures as they become public. Best wishes to all of you, your guestperts, and the staff of Caustic Soda. All the episodes are now in my ‘desert island’ playlist and I plan to return to them as needed. Peace and be well >^.^<

  58. waaahhhh! no! i just found you a few months ago and have been furiously binging. Loved the show, and wish you all the best moving ahead. Quarterly reunions? Please?

  59. Thank you so much for all of the years of caustic laughs, I’m going to miss you guys so much. You kept me sane during my PhD and accompanying write-up, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without Caustic Soda. Please make sure you link to all of your individual projects so that we can keep up with what you’re up to! Good luck with all of your new stuff.

    Thank you for every time someone has asked me why I’m making a disgusted face and laughing at the same time.

  60. April Fools?

    If not, I understand. You’ve provided me with hours and hours of entertainment and I miss you already. Thanks for making this while being devoured from the inside by hag fish.

  61. I am very sad to hear this news. I had only just recently found this podcast by way of a recommendation from Stinker Madness. It did not take long for me to consume the entire back library as swiftly as my ears could take it. Not a single bad episode in the bunch.
    I will be hoping this is an April fool’s gag of the cruelest design, but I have a feeling I’ll still be disappointed after the first.
    Good luck in all that you guys endeavor to do, and thank you for all the hours of hard work you guys did for your listeners.

  62. Just want to say thank you guys for everything you’ve done. I gotta say I’m gonna miss this podcast so much. You have no idea how these podcast have helped me get through all the hours of homework and I love going on walks and just listening to this podcast. Thanks again. I’m still gonna re listen to all of them.

  63. I could not ask for a better final episode, where I had to stop eating my McDonalds poutine because of the detailed description of coffin birth. Thank you guys for the great times! I’m sad to see it all end bit Caustic Soda will always remain on my pod feeder and you’ve all gained a fan for life! If you ever come by Toronto for a reunion tour in 2030, let me know!

  64. I, like others, don’t want you guys to end this…but I’m just being selfish. Thank you for entertaining me for the last 3 years or so. I’ll never look at “debris” or “manslaughter” the same way again. I’ve yet to find other podcasts that I enjoy as much as Caustic Soda. I wish all of you success.

  65. Thank you so much! I’ve been listening since the beginning and screening every episode for my now-16 year old. We actually cried at the Tom Waites song at the very end of the last show.
    So much fun, interesting, sometimes disgusting, always entertaining
    Your episode on Abortion was really remarkable.
    So many terrible (enthralling,cool,informative) episodes about Rasputin, Stalin, Bundy, Vlad the Impaler, the 4 Horsemen, Caligula etc.
    I could go on and on (like i wish you guys could)
    Thank you for confirming that yes, there are cool things in Canada!

  66. Thank you for all the laughs, gross-outs and glorious puns! Would love to support whatever you guys decide to do, please keep us updated!

  67. Side note: eeeeeeee hee hee hee, always fun to hear “from listener Amanda M,” even if you guys -did- accuse me of causing the end of the show. ;D

  68. I’ve been a radiophile for years, and your show has been absolutely perfect. A wonderful blend of nitwittery and brilliance, that always entertained, always informed. I will surely miss the show, but I’ll always have the archive…..
    Damned Canadians. I mean, c’mon, Rush stuck around for over forty years………

  69. I’m hoping this is just an April Fools Gag, but if it isn’t this is such sad news. Caustic Soda was the first podcast I ever listened to, and the only one I ever listened to consistently. I’m very sad to see it go, but thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put into it over the years!

  70. I’m that horrible sort of mom who let’s her kids listen and to many, and they have. We are so very knowledgeable now about all kinds if animals, nature and history. I’m honest in saying how crushed our household is at this news. My son (14) wouldn’t even alow me to play the final episode yet. He’s that crushed! You’ve made this little single mom family tick for over 4+ years and we thank you for all your hard work, music and funny! From our house to yours “Manta war, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin’! Sing it again, ugh.” THANK YOU!

  71. Oh no. 🙁 I am so sad. I loved every one of your episodes, and I checked into the show every Monday because it made my first weekday at work brighter. You will be greatly missed. I hope you keep these episodes available somewhere, because my son is not even 1 year old yet, but I want to have him listen to your stories when he is older. Good luck on your next big adventure! Love you guys.

  72. Well, this just hit me like a shit-ton of bricks. I’m seriously sad (like on the verge of tearing up) to hear that you guys have stopped the podcast. I love you guys. You guys have literally been a part of my weekly routine for years now.

    I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and yours is the only one that I find myself coming back to consistently every single week. I dare say even the best out there.

    Not having more Caustic Soda is having a caustic effect on me right about now.

    Seriously though, you guys are amazing and have been wildly entertaining. I’m still hoping this is an April fools joke, but if not it’s been amazing.

    Good luck on whatever you guys decide to in the future.

  73. Yes!!! Finally some time to listen to some other (be it less fun and interesting) podcasts!
    Sorry to see you go guys. Thanks for the hours/days of entertainment and information. Will miss it. Greetings from Austria.

  74. Sad to see the podcast come to an end!!

    You guys brought me so many hours of entertainment, I’ve been listening since your third episode or so. Last year, I moved from the West coast to the East coast of the US and downloaded all my favorite episodes to help pass the time. I listened to a Caustic Soda marathon over the course of the trip – Around 35 hours in 4 days! Your banter made that drive much, much more bearable.

    A sincere thank you for all the content you’ve put out. Best of luck for all you do moving forward

  75. If you guys still need a seedbox for the ‘everything’ torrent, I can recommend I’ve been using them for ~9 months (and will be seeding the torrent there).
    Also, I updated the torrent file with a few more trackers (might help with visibility):

    You guys have been truly awesome for the past few years. Whenever the phrase ‘favorite podcast’ comes to mind, it’s always been vicious tie between this show and No Such Thing As A Fish–and even with the show finished, it’s *still* gonna be a close tie.

    It’s been a hell of a ride. Thank you so much.

  76. I thought only women could hurt me like this in the heart. I was wrong. All the best you guys; thanks for all the edutainment. Please do a live reunion show sometime; free round of drinks on me.

  77. I haven’t been able to listen to this yet because I know I will cry, even while I’m laughing. This podcast has been a high point of every week. You guys are so talented, creative, intelligent, funny, and decently Canadian – you’ve taken us on a great ride and I’m going to miss you all fiercely. I’m a pensioner living on about a $1000/month. I kept hoping to be able to support you financially and felt guilty that I couldn’t help you make a million billion bucks a week doing this brilliant podcast. You should have. You deserve it. I hope whatever you do next will be fulfilling. I know it will be brilliant. Thank you so much for Caustic Soda. It has been the best.

  78. I just found this podcast a month ago and have been binging through it. One of my all-time favorites already. Wholeheartedly sad it’s a finite supply. Thank you so much for all the work, even though this is post-mortem 🙁

  79. NOOOOOOO! Don’t go!
    I only found out about you guys a few months ago. Shame to see you go, thanks thanks thanks for the plenty laughs on my commute.