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Nuclear Accidents, Part 2 of 2

Nuclear Accidents continues with Three Mile Island, the Kyshtym Disaster, the Fernald Feed contamination, the SL-1 meltdown, the Soviet sub K-431 refueling disaster, the Zaragoza

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Nuclear Accidents, Part 1 of 2

Bob Apthorpe, nuclear engineer, defense waste cleanup & severe accident analyst, joins us to talk about nuclear meltdowns and other accidents involving radioactivity. We discuss

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This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Caustic "Icide Guide"

TRIGGER WARNING:  Some of the images and videos below are GRAPHIC, and of course the episode deals with suicide entirely. Dr. Rob joins Kevin, Toren, and

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Diving Accidents, Part 2

Jonathan Martin and the guys discuss diver’s squeeze, the death of David Shaw, the “Diver’s Cemetery,” the Byford Dolphin diving bell accident, plus news and

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Diving Accidents

Diver extraordinaire Jonathan Martin joins us to discuss the types and hazards of diving, including decompression sickness (the “bends”), nitrogen narcosis, high pressure nervous syndrome,

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The wonderful world of leeches includes bloodletting, leech collectors, the tempest prognosticator, hirudotherapy, how to properly remove a leech, plus news and pop culture. Music: “Leeches”

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Benign Tumors

Dr Rob returns to talk about the terrible tumors – or at least the non-cancerous ones. Includes molar pregnancies, teratomas, fetus in fetu, gourmand syndrome,

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Griselda Blanco

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Evil Dames In History

Kevin, Joe, and Toren are back again with a look at our next Evil Dame In History: Cocaine Godmother Griselda Blanco. Motorcycle hits, hits on

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Pull our finger, Soda Jerks! Instead of pretending fooling people is comedy this April Fools we’re celebrating the gross that makes you laugh: flatulence! Why

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