It’s time for Kevin, Toren, and Joe to return to their Evil Dudes In History series, this time looking at Dennis “Bind, Torture, Kill” Rader. His bad spelling and grammar, dog euthanizations, and oh yeah, several horrible murders.

Trigger Warning: Rape, Murder

Music: “Please God No” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

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Images (Note: Disturbing photos of BTK himself below are not victims! Still disturbing though!)

Crime Scene and Autopsy Photos of Rader’s victims — WARNING!! VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES:


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  • Suzanne Abdel-Hadi

    I’m from / live in Wichita, I am particularly stoked about this episode; it is downloading as I type. I used to live on Old Manor not far from the address Dennis Rader used on some of his later correspondence…that always freaked me out just a little.

  • Jon Paynter

    That was without equal in terms of the hardest episode to listen to for me. Give me horrible disfigurement and creepy pests any day over a guy like this!

  • David Paterson

    Some of the podcasts have me chortling away to myself and drawing odd looks from those around you who are not in on the joke. Turns out that you get far stranger looks from others when you are issuing forth little moans of mismay and quietly despairing as to the nature of humanity.

    Also if there is a better counter arguement to the fifty shades of grey craze that swept through the twenty somethings a while back I have yet to encounter it.

  • James

    Love your show…this one was too much for me though! Had to shut’er down after the description of the first home invasion murders. This type of killer is soooooo scary! Total sociopath with no remorse whatsoever…FUML!!

  • David

    This episode was definitely caustic. Great work!

  • Brenton

    Holy shitballs. Please, warning of extremely graphic pictures, please.

    • Toren

      Sorry, we talked about only including links to the photos, but there was a mix-up.

      • Joe

        No, the graphic photos are still linked rather than displayed. Benton believes the “bondage selfies” BTK took of himself are graphic.

        They’re just creepy. Nobody in them is injured or hurt, or in danger of such.

        • Brenton

          Joe is correct – I thought they were the victims, as I didn’t spend much time examining them.

        • David

          Impressive how he made it look like he was so tightly tied up.

        • isabelline shrike

          I saw the pictures before I listened to the show, so I didn’t know anyone wasn’t hurt. In the context of the episode description alone I thought I glimpsed pictures of horribly tortured victims.

          I say “glimpsed” because I quickly clicked away before I could see more, and I couldn’t listen to the show until now because of what I saw. Now that I look, yeah, I see that they’re not victims. But without hearing the show, that isn’t clear at all.

          I think this is a case where a couple of words about the pics before the pics would’ve been good. Just a thought 🙂

  • Brenton

    Re: the PJs. I hear ya, but in some places PJs is indeed shortform for projects. As in the De La Soul/Del collabo with Handsome Boy Modelling School’s song The Projects:

  • Matt

    I love the episodes about people I have never heard of, no idea of what to expect and never disappointed.

    He may have been exceedingly evil on the evilometer but at the end of the day he was outdone by a floppy disk. Backing up my theory that old people don’t understand technology.

    Anyway thanks for the cracking episode guys, keep up the good work!