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  • Matt

    In terms of evil this guys smashes it out of the park!

    Some parts were so diabolical I literally started laughing! And he never even had to pay!

    As Jo said I am not in favour of capital punishment, but if he had every joint cut off with a hack saw 1 by 1 with no anaesthetic and was then fed to a pack of hungry rats whilst having his torso dunked in acid and crows eat out his eyeballs he still would have got off lightly!

    Thank God Bundy was never given a position of any power like this!

  • Kennedy

    Worst limerick ever.

  • Akmo Schmako (@AkmoSchmako)

    In pop culture: Vati is a book wirtten by Peter Schneider. It’s about one of the sons of Megele who is tracking him down in Brazil. Sadly, it’s not very gripping. Sorry for wasting your time.

  • AttilaTheMum

    Having twin daughters made the Mengele episode VERY uncomfortable to listen to, knowing how close they are and how watching their sister be tortured would destroy them.

    That being said, awesome episode!

    Am now casting a vote for David Parker Ray “The Toybox Killer” as an awesome addition to your evil dudes in history series… and yes there will be heads in boxes.

  • Sean West

    Fun little pop culture fact, Dr. Krieger from Archer is a boy from Brazil, and there are repeated jokes about it, including meeting other clones

  • Derek Weber

    A number of years ago I saw a film called After The Truth (Nichts als die Wahrheit) (1999) which was about a fictional court case of Mengele being tried for his crimes as he tried to return to Germany as an old man (having not died):

    It was a really fascinating film, raising lots of questions about the precise function of justice and the law. Well worth finding.