Kevin, Toren, and Joe are back with more Evil Dudes in History. This time it’s Russian Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich: “Ivan the Terrible”. In Part 1 we talk about the early years and middle years of this outrageous tyrant.

Content warning: Ivan’s not keen on consent.

Music: “A Thousand Fists” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets



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  • Derek

    Really interesting, guys! I love your historical episodes.

  • purrdence

    Wow, this guy is the guy people like Joffery Baratheon look up to…

  • Brenton

    How bad was it after he abdicated that the Boyeurs (sp) wanted him to come back?

  • HimAgain

    So here’s a thing.
    The oprichniki ride everywhere with a severed dogs head hanging from their saddle, nod a skull mind you but a fleshy hairy head.
    How long can you hold on to that before its rotting and full of maggots?
    And how often do the thousands of oprichniki need to get new severed heads?
    Once a month or so?
    Its a wonder there were any dogs left in russia.

    Can you imagine the scale of the dog cull that would take place just before Ivan plans on inspecting the troops?
    Also do you think it had to be a particular kind of dog?
    I mean the severed head of a wolf hound thats intimidating but what if you can only find a terrier?

  • Karen

    Hey Joe, I gotta disagree with you on whether someone can “agree” to being raped. One can consent to certain acts, to being bound or to roll playing/ power play, but lack of consent is at the heart of rape. In the language of contracts, there is no “meeting of the minds”, exactly what having safe words and explicit limits are meant to avoid. If you must, I guess say pseudo-rape fantasy, perhaps, but best to leave the term rape to mean sexual assault, IMO, lest you unintentionally minimize the crime, which I am confident you do not want to do.

  • abusepuppy

    For Kevin (I think it was?) who was wanting more classical versions of heavy metal songs- you may or may not know of Apocalyptical, which does cello quartet versions of Metallica songs. There’s also a handful of other, less well-known bands, that do similar things.

    • abusepuppy

      Also, Kevin is 100% correct on the red-hot pincers thing- if you get a (metal) tool hot enough, it will scythe right through flesh pretty easily. Such implements were a pretty common feature in ancient torture practices as well as some of the more grisly forms of execution, especially as applied to heretics and other religious criminals.

  • robert

    unfunny babbling idiots

    • Derek

      Well, that’s constructive feedback, Robert, that I’m sure the hosts will take on board. Perhaps you’d simply like to go and find a different podcast to listen to. Feel free. 🙂