Kevin, Toren, and Joe are back in Evil Dudes in History with a two-part look at Josef Mengele. In this episode it’s his life and the horrors he perpetrated, from his early days in the SS to his terrible experiments at Auschwitz, to fleeing the country as the Allies close in.

Intermission: “And I’ll Not Die” by Death Day Cabaret



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  • Emily Schminke Taege

    Wow. Of all the “evil dudes in history” episodes, this is one of the most squirm-worthy. Yikes!!!

  • Nick Rohm

    Kevin the play that you were thinking of is M. Butterfly-Madame Butterfly is an earlier opera about an American man and a Japanese woman. I’m a big fan, keep the kick ass work guys.

  • Roel Hogervorst

    oh man, the mispronunciations of all your german is wonderful! Especially if you go up in pitch =)
    What’s with the new intro? I think I liked the old one better.

  • Derek

    The thing I find amazing and horrifying about Mengele is not just the horrible things he did personally but what he managed to convinced others to do. The treatment of pregnant women you describe is just astonishing, quite frankly. I just don’t understand how you could dehumanise someone so much to be physically able to do that – I mean I can’t imagine doing it to any kind of animal, no matter how little I identify with it (eg, things as alien or different as insects). Let’s hope it never happens again, but I guess I should be a realist and not hold out hope. Humans suck sometimes.

  • Allan Newell

    The Gents asked what could be used to make eyes turn blue. The answer has actually been known since Crystal Gayle announced it in 1977: