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The podcast of the weird, gross, and disturbing.

Back one last time.

In honor of Greg Bole

and care at BC Cancer

The podcasts are finished,
social media is dying,
but there’s still a 

Caustic Soda Discord Server

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Episode Archive


What you don’t know about scorpions can kill you! The biggest, the oldest, the deadliest, plus scorpions in biological warfare! Music: Raymond Scott “Twilight in

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Small Arms

Mike T. joins Joe, Toren, and Kevin to talk about small arms — firearms carried by an individual soldier. From the “grenade on a stick”

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Human Sacrifice

Our Human Sacrifice episode features vikings, Aztecs, Incans, Olmec sacrifical bogs, the Peruvian temple of doom, the Decapitator god, Egyptian & viking burial rites, Mound

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This entry is part 3 of 14 in the series Evil Dudes In History

Evil Dudes In HistoryJack The Ripper Hitler Robespierre Ted Bundy Rasputin Vlad the Impaler Stalin, Part 1 of 2 Stalin, Part 2 of 2 Dennis

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P.O.W. Camps

Horsetrack Hooligans’ Jordan Pratt joins us to talk about P.O.W. Camps from the Civil War to Guantanamo Bay. MUSIC: Roy Rogers “Don’t Fence Me In”

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First hand, second hand and third hand smoke, tobacco enemas and medicinal use of smoke, plus all the usual detrimental health effects of tobacco, not

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Vancouver SkeptiCamp 2011

Caustic Soda’s own Joe Fulgham will be the MC at this year’s Vancouver SkeptiCamp 2011. Date: Saturday, August 6th, 2011 Time: 10 am to 7

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Toren, Kevin, and Joe once again welcome Chris Woods for a look at submarines, from the early days of the man-powered Turtle to the nuclear

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Near Earth Objects

Fraser Cain of Universe Today and Astronomy Cast joins Toren, Joe and Kevin to talk about meteors, comets and asteroids including the Torino Impact Hazard

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Tuberculosis! It’s not just for lungs any more! Almost Dr. Jenna Capyk joins Joe, Toren, and Kevin to talk about the disease infecting one-third of

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Shock talk with special guest Derek Mack. We discuss the different kinds of burns and bodily harm caused by electricity, the war of the currents,

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