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In honor of Greg Bole

and care at BC Cancer

Episode Archive

Harmful Superstitions

Toren, Joe, and Kevin talk about the psychology of superstition, harmful superstitions around the world, the unlucky numbers 13 and 4, sati, albino body-harvesting superstition, and

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Chemical Warfare, Part 2 of 2

The Mustard Disaster at Bari, VX, atropine poisoning, The Dugway Sarin Incident, the Halabja Massacre, the Ghouta chemical attack, and the dew of death —

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Chemical Warfare, Part 1 of 2

Emergency responder and history buff Allan Newell and the guys talk about the types and reasons for chemical warfare, chemical weapons in history including soul-hunting

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Hate Crimes

The science of hate in the human brain, 9/11 revenge killings, racial, homophobic and transphobic hate crimes, as well as the Museum of Tolerance. Also

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Followups XV

Soda Jerk Prime 2014 Cameron Potter, who claimed the “Jonestown Massacre” level of our Season 5 Fundraiser (be a guest on the show) joins Kevin, Joe,

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The Other Senses

Proprioception, interoceptors, equilibrium & vertigo, gravitropism, thermoreception in pit vipers and jewel beetles, electroreception in sharks and platypus, magnetoreception, phantom limbs, and synesthesia. Pop culture

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Sight, Part 2 of 2

Joe, Toren, and Kevin conclude “sight” with historical vision-correction quackery, news, blind movie reviews, porn for the blind, and a look at a pop culture! Music: “I’m

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Sight, Part 1 of 2

Joe, Kevin, and Toren take a look at looking, including how vision works, and the “supervision” of tetrachromacy. Then the amazing eyes of the animal kingdom, including

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Touch, Part 2 of 2

Hugs! Also, tickle torture, the “death touch,” touch in plants, Temple Grandin and the squeeze machine, the effects of ciguatera poisoning, news and pop culture.

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Touch, Part 1 of 2

The ‘Senses’ series continues with tactile perception, aka touch. In part one we discuss tactile disorders, sensory illusions and haptics. Part 1 of 2. Music: “Feelin’

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Dr. Nina Quiskamp joins Toren, Joe, and Kevin as our Five(ish) Senses series continues with “Smell”! We’ll talk about how plants can detect scents, smell

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Joe, Toren, and Kevin continue the Five(ish) Senses series this week with Hearing. We’ll cover how our bodies take in and process sound waves, the various

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