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Episode Archive

Zombies, Part 1

How do zombies and science connect? Very tenuously. “Zombie Jesus” creator and zombie connoisseur Robin Thompson is our fourth man this week. We discuss zombie-creating recipes, alleged Haitian zombie cases, zombiewalks, Cotard’s syndrome, nanobot zombies, rage virus, brain-modifying parasites and more. Plus, would a zombie plague succeed in becoming an apocalypse, and what would be your favourite weapon? PART ONE OF TWO!

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Followups 8

Chris “Stewie” Stewart joins us for brain tapeworms, murder by testicle crushing, cannibal cook cultists and more in our latest grab-bag “Followup” episode! Plus: Which is the lesser of two evils – having your testicles crushed over a parking space, or brain tapeworms?

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Cold War (Part 2)

The Cold War part two of two, with guest Allan Newell, includes: the nuclear arms race; Project: Ice Worm, LSD & the CIA; bungled Fidel Castro assassination attempts. Plus news and pop culture including Dr Strangelove, Manchurian Candidate, Thirteen Days, Our Man in Havana, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! and Red Dawn.

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Cold War (Part 1)

Allan Newell joins us to talk about as many caustic facets of the cold war that we could fit into a 2 hour mini-series. In part one we talk about the origin and players, then get into Igor Gouzenko and the space race, including top-secret projects to nuke the moon!

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Live from the Roundhouse Community Centre and the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, Toren, Joe, and Kevin are joined by Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie to talk

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For our “music” episode, Canadian comedy legend Sean Cullen joins us to talk about music-inspired riots, castrati, music as torture, Norwegian black metal and backmasking.

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Science Blunders

Dr. Rosie Redfield joins Joe, Kevin, and Toren to talk about NASA and the Shadow Biosphere, blinded scientists all over the place, extreme solutions to illegal parking, and one of our favorite sciencey shows goes terribly awry.

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Vietnam War

Horsetrack Hooligans podcaster and Vietnam War movie afficionado Jordan Pratt joins us to talk about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, The Battle of Hue, Operation: Rolling Thunder, cluster bombs, napalm, fragging, the My Lai massacre, tunnel rats, torture, agent orange, unexploded ordnance and more. Plus movies, comics and Lesser of Two Evils: would you rather be an American soldier or a Viet Cong?

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In this episode: Przewalksi’s horse, quartering, Caligula’s horse Incitatus, diving horses, Clever Hans, horse racing, and that’s just the first half!

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Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Sexsomnia sells! Dr Rob joins us to talk about a whole host of sleep disorders including chronic insomnia, sleep paralysis, night terrors, Kleine-Levin syndrome, narcolepsy, exploding head syndrome, homicidal somnambulism, sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, myoclonic jerks, encephalitis lethargica and the horrible fatal familia insomnia. All this plus weird sleeping habits in the animal kingdom.

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