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The podcast of the weird, gross, and disturbing.

Back one last time.

In honor of Greg Bole

and care at BC Cancer

The podcasts are finished,
social media is dying,
but there’s still a 

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Episode Archive

Bad Books

We tried to bind this episode in human flesh but the MP3 codec’s lossiness kept causing it cancer. This episode, Toren, Joe, and Kevin talk

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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Four Horsemen

Four HorsemenPestilence Four Horsemen – Famine Four Horsemen: War Four Horsemen – DeathIn part one of our four part series on the Horsemen of the

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Improvised Weapons

Violence expert Lisa Gemino returns to discuss shivs, French nails, Millwall bricks, donkey jawbones, thrown animals, petrol bombs and many other improvised weapons. Plus news

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Allan Newell brings his firefighter expertise to discussions on notable car wrecks, risk compensation, the car industry’s built-in-hazards, the Mont Blanc tunnel fire, El Camino

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Journalism, Part 2 of 2

Steven M. Schwartz is back for the second part of our caustic look at Journalism. “Shrieking harpy” Nancy Grace, terrorist victim Daniel Pearl, Janet Cook,

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Journalism, Part 1 of 2

Honest-to-goodness journalist Steven M. Schwartz joins Kevin, Joe, and Toren to talk about the caustic side of news gathering. We discuss bad journalists (who spy

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All things rhinoceros including poaching, attacks on people, woolly rhinos and Operation: Crash. Plus pop culture and the Lesser of Two Evils: being attacked by

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Followups 10

We got requests for a more gross and offensive follow up episode, and we delivered. Pop culture artist Chris Woods joins us to talk about

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In today’s episode, Toren, Joe, and Kevin are joined by Chris “Stewie” Stewart for a look at the spiritual remains of the dearly departed: Ghosts!

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Toys That Kill

Deadly toys discussed include Steven’s Model Dockyard Locomotive, Slip ‘n’ Slide, lawn darts, Cabbage Patch Snack Time doll, the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab, Flubber, Silly

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Sit! Lie down! Roll over! Now sacrifice your face for our safety! Good boy! In this episode of Caustic Soda, Joe, Kevin, and Toren fetch

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The Post-Apocalyptic World

Live from VCON 37 in Surrey BC, the regular nerds talk about life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland with the help of Hugo Award-winning author and

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