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The podcast of the weird, gross, and disturbing.

Back one last time.

In honor of Greg Bole

and care at BC Cancer

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Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth

Thaasophobics, never fear! We did a lot of work looking at sloth (and sloths!), idleness, apathy, avolition, aboulia and laziness! The result is here for

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Today we talk about explosions. High and low, big and… well, mostly big. Frightening, deadly and completely uncontrolled! Music: Kablam by The Darkest of the

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Seven Deadly Sins – Greed

Chris “Sword of the Stars” Stewart joins us to discuss the fourth circle of Hell, Marcu Licinius Crassus’ realty schemes, El Dorado, war profiteering, Ponzi

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Kerberos Productions‘ Chris “Stewie” Stewart joins us to talk about physical deformities. Ribeiroia, sirenomelia, and a whole bunch of other complicated and disturbing words are

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Caustic Soda at Bodyworlds

Recorded on-location at the Telus World of Science Bodyworlds exhibit, Caustic Soda takes a look at the fascinating, gruesome world of the human body. A

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Sex (Part 2)

Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie is still with us as we talk about penile plethismograph, 3 day coke-caused priapism, tubgirl, Lemon Party and concrete enemas! Bonus

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Sex (Part 1)

Robin Bougie joins Kevin, Toren, and Joe for a special sexy (and therefore EXPLICIT) episode. What are phimosis and paraphimosis? How about penis fencing and

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Is there life after decapitation? Can chickens really live without a head? After listening to this week’s “Decapitation” episode please blink your eyes three times

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What is toxoplasmosis? Who is the ‘Tyrant Leech King?” How much memory in an isopod? Does Hercules fight with his thighs? Are MacDonaldland characters endorsing

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Fecal Matters

Warning: This podcast is full of shit! Drop the kids off at the pool, lay some brown carpet, make some trouser chili, take a load

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