Caustic Soda

The podcast of the weird, gross, and disturbing.

Back one last time.

In honor of Greg Bole

and care at BC Cancer

The podcasts are finished,
social media is dying,
but there’s still a 

Caustic Soda Discord Server

to hang out on!

Episode Archive

Followups XVI

Sneaky Dragon’s David Dedrick assists as we talk about a great grandmother brawl, a hoarder in Connecticut, a Spaniard who attacks his family after having

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Poaching, tiger attacks, escaped tigers, killing tigers to show off wealth, as well as tigers in pop culture. Also “Myth or Fiction? Tiger parts in

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Cryobiologist Dr. Katie Marshall joins Joe, Kevin, and Toren to talk about the horrible side of turning water into ice.  We cover nucleation, amorphous ice,

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Witches and Witchcraft

Witch dunking, familiars, the witches’ cradle, burning at the stake, the Wiccan code of ethics, familiars, African witch camps and witchcraft accusations in the modern

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Joe, Kevin, and Toren are joined by Critical Hit Show Dungeon Master Eric Fell to look at the caustic side of games and gaming! We discuss “Senet”, the 5000

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This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series Caustic "Icide Guide"

Caustic “Icide Guide”Regicide, Part 1 Regicide, Part 2 Patricide Infanticide Genocide, Part 1 of 2 Genocide, Part 2 of 2 Ecocide Suicide Fratricide HospiticideBrother kills

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Fraser Cain from Astronomy Cast helps us discuss the Drake Equation and Fermi Paradox, close encounters, alien abduction insurance, the feasibility of several kinds of

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