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The podcast of the weird, gross, and disturbing.

Back one last time.

In honor of Greg Bole

and care at BC Cancer

The podcasts are finished,
social media is dying,
but there’s still a 

Caustic Soda Discord Server

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Episode Archive

True Bugs

Forensic entomologiest Gavin Pitts joins the hosts to talk about the hemiptera order of insects, more commonly known as ‘true bugs.’ Assassin bugs, chagas disease,

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This episode Joe, Kevin, and Toren look at the giant waves known as tsunami. You’ll hear about the biggest and deadliest waves known to man,

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Succubi, oni, pishacha – call them what you will. Whether they’re scapegoats for serial killers or epilepsy, demons have been a part of human culture

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Pol Pot

Continuing the Evil Dudes in History series, Kevin, Toren, and Joe look at Cambodian Communist leader Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Music: “Call Me Irresponsible”

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This episode’s got it coming out of both ends! Toren, Kevin, Joe are joined by Almost Dr. Jenna to talk about cholera. Death by vomit

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Film Fatale

Comedy Film Nerd Graham Elwood joins Kevin, Joe, and Toren to talk about the perils of making moving pictures – film tragedies! The Crow, The

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Express kidnappings, the “millionaire tour,” the Lindbergh baby, the Cudahy kidnapping, Chowchilla school bus incident, and more. Plus news, pop culture, how to survive a

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Step right up, Soda Jerks! What the boys at Caustic Soda have for you today is going to REinvigorate, REvitalize, REVULGARIZE you with their astounding

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Wolf Attack!

Death by wolf! Toren, Joe and Kevin discuss the many wolf attacks throughout history, the “sex lock”, and the mighty Dire wolf! Music: “The Wolf

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This entry is part 5 of 14 in the series Evil Dudes In History

Evil Dudes In HistoryJack The Ripper Hitler Robespierre Ted Bundy Rasputin Vlad the Impaler Stalin, Part 1 of 2 Stalin, Part 2 of 2 Dennis

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Doomed Expeditions Part 1

Jessica Pink joins us to talk about our top seven doomed expeditions, in which we find out why you shouldn’t name your ship “Terror,” how

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